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Stephen King is an international authority on Clicker Training, a method which concentrates on making learning fun for both you and your dog.

The training classes are supported by DVD’s, books and workbooks written by Stephen and other specialists to achieve measurable results within the shortest period of time by positive reinforcement and simple to learn techniques.

Individual Consultation, Group Classes and Residential Training

One-to-one training is available should owners require it, sessions to be arranged to suit you. Group Classes are limited to six dogs to ensure each dog has individual attention; dogs and puppies for Group Classes are designed so all dogs and owners feel comfortable with other members of the class.

Residential Training is available for dogs aged 6 months to 2 years; these will be tailored to the needs of dog and owner. Once your dog has learned the required behaviours the owner will be taught how to maintain them.

Clickers and Training Books

Clickerzoneuk stocks a selection of the best products to support your dog’s training, whether you are attending classes or working on your own. Visit our Training Shop to select the products you need at very competitive prices.

Training DVD’s for puppies and adult dogs and a wide range of Clickers to suit all uses, including volume controlled and the ClixWhizzclick with a combination of whistle and clicker, covering both methods of control.

Instruction manuals, workbooks and progress charts enable you to measure the progress you are both making in learning.  Every aspect of teaching focuses on making it a pleasurable experience for both you and your dog, teaching him to be a good canine citizen.

Clicker Agility and Obedience Training

Once the basics are established you may choose to move on to more challenging training. Obedience and Agility are extremely rewarding for dog and owner.

Beginners’ Agility is focused on fun rather than competition. Young puppies can build their confidence by mastering obstacles and responding to gentle control.

More mature dogs can progress to competitive agility where the bond between dog and owner becomes extremely strong.

Obedience Training

Called Clicker Ability, this class is for puppies, starting before 20 weeks. Puppies learn very quickly, and as they learn their self-confidence grows as do their social skills with children and adults, including those who aren’t family members. A trained dog is a happy and safe dog who won’t rush through open doors or be fearful of strangers. The earlier your puppy starts his training programme the better.

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