Clicker Ability Classes at Crosskeys

Clicker Training Classes at CrosskeysAll Clicker ability classes use clicker training and offer the most modern, enjoyable and satisfying methods of training available. All classes are small in number to ensure that we can offer the best in individual attention. Our aim is for you to have a successful and rewarding relationship with your dog, and believe that classes should be interesting, rewarding and enjoyable as well as kind, fair and effective! All courses are five weeks’ in duration and last for one hour per week,

For times call the booking number on 020-8590-3604

Your Puppy’s Early Learning Clicker Class

Puppies need to be 20 weeks or under at the start of the course – but the earlier the better! Don’t leave it too late! Puppies learn amazingly fast and these classes are intended to allow them to build confidence and social skills with adults, children and other puppies in a controlled environment as well as learning their ABC’s of training. Helping your puppy adapt to his new environment; House training; Good behaviour in every room; Learning to chew the right things; Staying off the furniture; Getting a good relationship; Dealing with puppies who  Dig up the garden; Play biting, Crossing the road safely; Learning with rewards,  Getting his attention; Coming back when called; Getting your puppy used to being handled; Behaviour in the car; Socialization with adults, children and other pets; Stopping puppy from rushing outside; Sit, stand, down  – Clicker training with food effectively; Off the lead; Come back when called out on a walk; Greeting people without jumping up; Staying in a vehicle when the doors open; Walking on a loose lead; Walking to heel; Getting him used to being handled by vets, groomers and strangers;  chew and bone manners;  Hand signals, Whistle signals.

Beginners Clicker Training

For older puppies which have missed out on puppy clicker class and dogs which need basic training. This beginners clicker class is intended to help you understand how your dog learns and to give you both an opportunity to enjoy some training with our help.

Graduate Clicker Training

The classes are exclusively for dogs, which have already taken a puppy or beginner course at Crosskeys Further skills, tricks and individual training goals are the focus for this course. If you want your dog to join the ClickAgility class or go into Film work- this is the course for you!

For times call the booking number on 020-8590-3604

Clicker Training with Stephen G. King

Click Start your Clicker Training with a ONE DAY WORKSHOP at Crosskeys Dog Training & Behaviour Centre

The course includes:

  • How to increase desirable behaviour!
  • How to decrease undesirable behaviour!
  • How to teach your dog what is safe to do!
  • How to teach your dog what is not safe to do!

Teach precision and reliability in dog and handler, through shaping and positive reinforcement. Whether you are a pet dog owner or involved in Obedience, Working Trials or Show Dog training this workshop will give you a great insight on how to build a superstructure if you want one! To register your interest for a place, please telephone 020-8590-3604 or fax 020-8599-6177 or email to reserve your place. Numbers are limited. Course fee £100.00 incl VAT which includes, Lunch, tea, coffee etc. and Clicker Workshop notes only available from attending the workshop! (Deposit required £50.00)


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