3 Week and 10-Day Dog Training Courses

The 3 week and the 10-day courses are equally effective residential training options with the same guaranteed set standard.

The 10-day course was designed to accommodate those wishing to spend less time away from their companions. However, it is only offered to dogs between the ages of 6 months and 2 years, as dogs between these ages are better suited to a more intensive programme.

In either course, your dog is allocated to one personal Trainer and when the bond has been achieved, the Trainer teaches your dog effective communication and procedures. This progresses on a day-to-day basis and the number of training sessions is determined by the course chosen.

Each session is 20 minutes long, where the majority of learning is focused on the communications procedures and ending with a bonus reward of continued learning while at play. Our 3 week course includes a minimum of 3 training session per day, giving more as required;  our intensive, 10-day course is 6 sessions per day, more labour intensive and carried out over a longer day. Both courses cover a 6 day week followed by a 7th day of exercise with our kennel staff in and around our Centre facilities.

The rest of your dog’s non-training day is enjoyed at your pre-planned discretion. Our staff are available 8am – 6pm every day, including Sundays, to oversee your dog’s complete care, and answer any questions you may have during the training process. Extra grooming, specialised walks and any other personal attention you may desire for your dog are also available at an additional rate, such as:

  • Playtimes: Run and play in our large outdoor fenced in playgrounds. Dogs are walked from their kennel run to one of our grassy playgrounds where they enjoy 30 minutes of outdoor fun
  • Brush and Hugs Massage: 20 minutes of luxurious spa like treatment. A loving hugs massage and gentle brush out will make your dog’s day

We are happy to cater to your requests whilst your dog is with us.

Training Requirements

Upon your arrival you will be asked for proof of inoculation and the vaccination. Please consult with your veterinarian to ensure records comply and are updated prior to commencement. Unfortunately, dogs without proper papers will be denied.

Our Guarantee

  • Four Paws Hotel Training & Behaviour Centre guarantee the exact same high quality and care for all trainee dogs who complete our programme.
  • Only Kind, Fair and effective methods will be used
  • Every dog will be treated with respect
  • Every effort will be made to ensure a happy and contented stay
  • The highest regard will be placed on every dog’s safety and welfare
  • A communication procedure called Clicker Training will be taught to change behaviour.
  • An Control standard will be learned and achieved by course end
  • A full, off-lead demonstration of the set standard will be performed for the owner at course end
  • A comprehensive tuition will be provided to the owner to learn the new communication skills, bonding techniques and continued benefits of Four paws Hotel training methods.
  • Aftercare information, advice and continued service will be available as often, and for as long as necessary.
  • Free follow-up sessions will be arranged for further aftercare support

Your Expectations – Our Set Standard

Following is the list of the set standards you and your dog will learn whilst under our care:

  • Sit on command
  • Down on command
  • Stay
  • Walk on Command
  • Directional Turns
  • Formal Recall
  • Controlled Play, on-lead
  • Controlled Play, off-lead
  • Appropriate Social Behaviour
  • Safe Handling

At the end of either course, you will have a full, on and off-lead demonstration of your dog’s newly learned obedience skills as outlined above. It is then expected to have owners spend up to 5 one-hour lessons at the Centre following this demonstration in order to learn the communication and tuition procedures necessary to continue the successes in your new life together. (This is included in the price)

The transition of out of control behaviour to in control behaviour from our training school to your home is a 3week process. Whilst your dog is trained, it does take time for you to learn and practice the methods for the exact results. For this reason, our training services include the owner tuition, a free copy of Ready, Steady, Click and the Workbook also the DVD Clicker Train Your Dog with our Clicker Cue Cards as a training reference guide and ongoing aftercare support.

Old Habits Die Hard

Please remember that although you will see a demonstration of the set standards, the obedience will only work back in the home environment with the owner’s commitment to following the recommended  Train Your Dog at Home Program as dogs will fall into old habits if allowed to do so.

The  Train Your Dog at Home Program includes the following reading and viewing material

  • Books: Ready, Steady, Click! : Ready, Steady, Click! Workbook and Clicker Cue Cards
  • DVD or Video: Clicker Train Your Dog
  • Leaflets: Clicker Training Top Twenty Tips, plus calm your dog leaflet
The Demonstration

The Four Paws Hotel Training & Behaviour Centre demonstration is scheduled on the final day of the course, where the dog’s Trainer presents all the behaviours learnt throughout the training.

A Four Paws Hotel Guide escorts owners to the area where the demonstration will be held and talks through what is being demonstrated, answers all questions, addresses all comments and prepares them for their reunion with their dog and their hands-on tuition.

Your Tuition

The Four Paws Hotel tuition takes place following the demonstration. Tuition is the same as instruction, and is the time spent working hands-on with the dog, owner and Trainer. The tuition is divided into two parts:

Control Training            Behaviour Management

Control Training

The first part of the tuition is spent teaching the owner the reinforcement methods used to train the dog and having the owner practice these methods on the trained dog.

The duration of the Control tuition is open-ended. We ask that owners not leave our facility unless they are completely comfortable with what they have learned and have practiced, and that all questions have been addressed thoroughly and to their satisfaction.

Behaviour Management

The second part of our tuition addresses the behaviour and behaviour management of the dog. Information on the dog’s behaviour is gleaned from the lengthy questionnaire completed and collected prior to the course commencement, the experiences of the Trainer with the dog and any further details the owner shares throughout the process.

Again, the length of this part of the tuition will be as long as necessary. The family lifestyle will also be taken into consideration and discussed to ensure that expectations are realistic and achievable.

Dog training aftercare

Our Aftercare is yet another feature that makes our programme so unique. We are often reminded that even though our customers know it’s an available service to them, it’s not truly appreciated until the time.

You are given a personal telephone number of your trainer and instructor and are encouraged to call as often as necessary. We’ll remind you at your tuition that we’d much rather hear from you daily to discuss the smallest detail than weekly, or longer with greater issues.

Four Paws Hotel staff will be available to help fine tune your handling knowledge and skills for the lifetime of your dog. This is our ongoing commitment to you

Following are tips to assure that your dog is working as well for you as for us

  • Please read the supplied books,  Train Your Dog at Home Program, within your customer folder. Read them whilst your dog is being trained, and again just prior to your tuition. Refer to them often following the course conclusion
  • View the Training DVD Clicker Train Your Dog, provided for you within your Folder
  • Please take your tuition very seriously. Here you will learn the new procedure to communicate with your dog. When practiced properly it is very likely that you’ll experience even better results than demonstrated from us, after all there is a stronger bond to you
  • Be committed to your practice sessions at home. Do not allow yourself, or your dog to fall into bad habits. It is very important to firmly establish the control demonstrated to you by your dog’s trainer
  • A well trained dog is a happy dog – once the dog knows the communication procedure, and you are committed to its use and consistency, their lives are enriched (as is yours): your dog will enjoy training, enjoy being responsive to you and enjoy pleasing you!
  • Take full advantage of our aftercare!!!

Training Progress Reporting

Another one of the features that make the Four Paws Hotel dog training programme so unique is the thorough updates provided by all the members of the FPH team caring for your dog during the training process. There are several methods as to how the progress reports are handled:

  • Via Email
  • Text messaging
  • Land line telephone
  • Mobile telephone

Whilst telephone is the best form of communication, given the nature of our Trainer’s field work, it is often difficult to have a spontaneous, uninterrupted connection. Whilst still a valid means for updates, FPH offers alternative options for convenience and source of record for every stage of the process.

The Progress Reporting will provide a daily score for every exercise completed during the programme. There are 20 odd exercises in total, with several exercises practiced at any given time. Although dogs will learn at differing levels, all dogs must be proficient in every exercise prior to the demonstration.

More personalised detailed emails and posted letters will also arrive every 2-3 days for the duration of the training. How you prefer to receive these updates will be discussed following your dog’s booking into the training course. In addition to reports of your dog’s progress, further information regarding your continued successes at home will be included within each letter to help you prepare for your reunion.

Dog Trainability

A well trained dog is a happy dog!

After completing this form you can expect an individual written report from one of our experienced instructors as to the training requirements for you dog. Please note that we ask for your postcode details in order to track prospect satellite location sites. We will not use this information, unless we receive a request otherwise.

Please read our Terms of Supply


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