Clicker Training for Dogs and Puppies

Steve with one of his own dogs, Emma

Our Director of Training is Stephen G. King who is a specialist dog-trainer and consultant to Corporation of London, Redbridge Borough Council dog section and lectured at the Police Dog Training establishment at Keston to 8 experienced dog handlers, who are hoping to be accredited as ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) instructors for general purpose police dog training.

They where from various police forces around the UK and Southern Ireland.

Agility Instructor and Dog Psychologist

Stephen is also a qualified Agility instructor and has worked with dogs for over 25 years. His practice specialises in puppy training and dog behavioural problems and he works on the referral of Veterinary Surgeons as a behaviourist. He is also a founder member of the APDT, whose code of practice allows only Kind, Fair and Force-free methods of training.

Stephen is a leading light in the use of operant conditiong (clicker training) also called Click and Treat training and has had students from all over the UK, plus from Holland, Belgium and Finland for his Clicker Workshops. Attendees on these courses include the RAF Dog Inspector, Head of Dog Sections and assistants from County Police forces.

Most of the dog societies such as the National Canine Defence League, Battersea Dogs home, Dogs for the Disabled, Guide Dogs for the Blind, to name a few, are now using these concepts in their training programme.

Practical guide to clicker training your dog, using only kind methodsClicker Train Your Dog DVD and Training Books

Stephen is also a publisher and a DVD producer. His DVD Clicker Train Your Dog has been the top specialist DVD sold in the UK in the last two years. His book Ready, Steady, Click! An introduction to Clicker Training has already become one of the UK ‘s top selling Clicker training dog books. Ready Steady, Click – Workbook By Claire L. Davies MA & Stephen G. King published 2002.

The workbook has been designed to fully integrate the theory with practical applications. Or to put it simply, “Put into practice what you have learnt in theory”. Learn to use operant conditioning successfully as you work through the important concepts. A precision training journal has been included to record each training session.It’s an invaluable aid to training progress.

Radio and Television

Stephen has also been a guest speaker on Radio and TV, talking about solving problem behaviours. He has lectured in Holland and Germany the principles of his book, Ready Steady Click! Information is freely available of services and courses pop in and discuss your pets training program. No appointment needed our consultancy is open between 9.00am to 5.00pm Mon to Friday and 9.00am to 4.00pm Saturday.

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