Orijen Puppy

Correctly balanced for puppies, Orijen contains 80% meat and 20% fruit and vegetables. There are no filler ingredients like grain, soy or rice. The diet is biologically correct and an excellent start in life for puppies

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Orijen Adult

Biologically appropriate food, Orijen is rich in varied fresh meats with smaller amounts of fruit, vegetables and grasses, matching dog’s natural feeding patterns. Correct feeding prevents and cures behavioural and physical problems

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Orijen 6 Fish

Orijen 6 Fish is rich in wild caught salmon, herring, pike and other fish caught in the northern lakes and Pacific Northwest. Preservative-free, rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, Orijen 6 keeps your dog healthy and strong.

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Orijen Senior

Older dogs are less efficient at metabolising proteins, so Orijen Senior contains 75% free-range chicken, turkey, eggs and wild-caught fish. All ingredients are fresh and preservative free, delivered to us daily.

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