Puppy Training Course starts 8th September 2012

Puppies need to be 20 weeks or under at the start of the course – but the earlier the better! (maximum 4 in a class)

The course covers House training; Good behaviour in every room; Learning to chew the right things; Staying off the furniture; Getting a good relationship; Dealing with puppies who  Dig up the garden; Play biting, Crossing the road safely; Getting his attention; Coming back when called; Getting your puppy used to being handled; Socialization with adults, children and other pets; Stopping puppy from rushing outside; Sit, stand, down  – Clicker training with food effectively; Off the lead; Come back when called out on a walk; Greeting people without jumping up;  Walking on a loose lead; Getting him used to being handled, and bone manners;  Hand signals, Whistle signals. Telphone 02 08590 3604 for more details.

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