The Ins And Outs Of Boarding Your Dog

Making your dog's stay a success for everyoneBoarding your dog/s for the first time can be a daunting task, there are many questions that you might ask yourself. What do I need to do to prepare myself before the holiday dates? What do I need to do on the day of boarding? What should I expect when collecting my dog? I have written this information with the first time boarder in mind knowing that if you are prepared in advanced, it will reduce stress and anxiety and will allow you to enjoy this well earned break! Going on holiday can be an exciting and equally a stressful time. One minute it seems like months to the holiday and then all of a sudden there are just a few days to go, so a little preparation now will save time later!

Things to do before you board your dog

It is necessary for you to read and understand the Terms and Conditions for boarding your dog at the particular kennel you are going to use. Make sure that you’re dogs vaccinations are up to date for the period of boarding your dog. Certificate of vaccination may be needed to be produced every time the dog is boarded. At Crosskeys Boarding Kennels we supply new boarding clients with an Education Pack which makes an ideal place to put all your dog documentation including Vaccination Certificates, Pedigree papers and or adoption papers, keeping them in a safe place at home until needed.

If at any time before boarding your dog becomes ill or unwell, please visit your Veterinarian and then contact the kennel immediately with the results of the examination. Some kennels may refuse entry to Boarders if this procedure is not carried out. Your Veterinary Surgeon may be contacted by the kennel at this time to make sure that they can cater for your dog’s stay. You may then be asked to pay a small additional charge for any special care needs, as the advice given by your Veterinarian must be adhered to.

As far as medication or tablets for administering to your dog, the kennel would require a few days extra supply of medication just in case you are delayed on your return from your holiday, especially if the medication is prescribed as an ongoing treatment for your dog’s well-being. Talking about “prevention is better than cure” we often see people driving onto our site with the dog’s head hanging out of the window. This habit is dangerous in more than one way. Any flying objects thrown up by other cars or flying insects may cause severe damage to the eye; it may also lead to the eye becoming infected, conjunctivitis.

Things you need to do on the day of boarding

Led walks at the boarding kennelsCheck that the collar is fitting correctly i.e. two fingers tight and then try to pull the collar over your dogs head, if it comes off you need to adjust is so that it does not come off. Please also make sure that the identification tag is firmly attached to the collar. For your dog to settle into the kennel more rapidly, please do NOT feed your dog, as a meal will be waiting for him/her on arrival. Please bring your dog’s favourite toy, a small piece of bedding/old tee shirt/ old sock/hand towel with your scent on. To do this, hold the piece of material between both your hands and move your hands backwards and forwards, which will release your scent onto the material. By putting the towel in the dog’s bed this helps to acclimatise your dog to a change in sleeping arrangements. This preliminary step greatly facilitates the systematic desensitisation, which follows.

Things to be prepared for on collecting you’re dog

Your dog will be highly excited to see you and depending on the wind direction your dog maybe able to scent you before he/she sees you. Therefor please do NOT call your dog when standing at the gate, wait until the pet care assistant brings the dog to you. In no circumstances do you open the gate for any reason unless you have been asked to do so. This measure is necessary for Health and Safety and site security.

When collecting, once your dog has quietened down, please check your dog over with the help of the Pet Care assistant making sure that you are happy with the dog’s condition. At this time it may be necessary to remind our staff to return any personal effects including any medication etc. At the reception area you will have been given a Customer Care Survey with a prepaid addressed envelope to be completed when you get your breath back, but hopefully within seven days, so that we can assess the quality of our service to you the customer.

When you get home, many pets tend to crave water, so you may find that your dog is very thirsty, this does not mean that the Kennel has not given your dog any water. What it may mean is that like any person anticipating seeing some member of the family that they haven’t seen for some time may cause an emotional response, a surge of adrenaline during the excitement, which would have the effect of drying up the mouth. This is easily remedied by putting water down and ignoring the dog until his/her behaviour has calmed down, then make a fuss!

Our best advice is not to over compensate by taking your dog for a TWO-HOUR RUN over the park, but to take your dog home to settle back into his/her normal routine. Our own dogs which are boarded in the kennel from time to time, even a weekend booking come back so tired and want to sleep a lot, but within a couple of days are back to there normal way of life. So for the first couple of days keep the exercise to a minimum, on the first day back, feed half a ration, and on the second day, give the amount you normally feed your dog.


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