Quick Clicks: 40 Fast and Fun Behaviors to Train with a Clicker

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By Mandy Book/Cheryl S Smith
(Paperback, 261 pages)



Quick Clicks explains the technique of clicker training without the often-confusing jargon, and provides step-by-step instructions for training a variety of fun and useful behaviors. Useful training includes

  • Wait at the door
  • Walk nicely on and off leash
  • Confidence-building exercises

while a chapter on Tricks provides some fun and games. Early chapters help the novice practice the technique in quick and easy bits and pieces, while the final chapter explains the formal language of operant conditioning, for further reading on the subject and provides a list of Resources.

“This book is crammed full of the nitty-gritty steps you’ll need to actually train your dog!”

Kathy Sdao, Bright Spot Dog Training

“Quick Clicks is clear, comprehensive, and wonderfully detailed. It is sure to become the guide to clicker training. Positively Marvelous!”

Susan Conant, author of the Holly Winter Series of Dog Lover’s Mysteries

“Finally a training book that is fun! This book is destined to become a dog training best seller.”

Sophia Yin, DVM



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