Sarah, Loughton

LolaI would highly recommend Steve King to anyone that had a problem with their dog!
I used to dread taking Lola my Labrador for walks, she had a habit of barking ferociously at random strangers-often frightening them; it was becoming a real problem.
At first I was not very optimistic that anyone could help us and I was getting desperate until I found Steve’s website: www.clickerzoneuk.co.uk
I booked 5 one hour lessons with Steve and hoped for the best. By the end of our first 1 hour session I was amazed, Steve really knows dogs and how to make them work. His technique is spot on and he made it so simple to understand.
After a couple more lessons with Steve, Lola was totally under my control and the best thing was that Lola was so happy to comply because to her it meant lots of chicken treats, praise and encouragement.
Our lessons with Steve were such a positive experience for both me and my dog, one of the best things I have ever done for Lola who is very dear to me.
I now have a dog that I can take any ware with confidence and pride.

Thank you Steve for your professional guidance much appreciated.
Sarah & Lola

Karen Quaife, Hornchurch

I would like to thoroughly recommend Steve King’s dog training sessions. The expert and patient guidance using evidenced clicker training methods are ideal for steering the way from young puppy to adolescent dog. The small class sizes mean that Steve can give tailored individual advice based on the needs of each dog. Monty, my second dog going through his paces, has been a shy and nervous dog who has really improved in confidence with Steve’s help and support.

Thanks Steve

Maggie Woods owner of Rosie

Stephen King has been an answer to prayer for me. Rosie came to our home from a small rescue centre in Lincolnshire. For some weeks she was very quiet and timid, but as she became more sure of herself, she started to react to other dogs we saw. She could be a long way away from them and she would then show signs of aggression and then start panicking and emitting a screaming whine.
I started to look for some help with this problem I had never had to deal with this sort of behaviour with our previous dogs.
Initially I contacted the rescue behaviourist, but as she had never met Rosie and it was only contact by phone, nothing was achieved. I then tried FIVE more trainers/behaviourists, some of whom were quite helpful, one of them quite scary, but none were able to show me how to correct this reactionary behaviour.
I knew there must be someone out there who would be able to help me, and after a two year search I have found the man.
My first contact with Josie made me very hopeful, and I was not disappointed.
Stephen King based in Collier Row, Romford, Essex, just knows all there is to know about dogs. After one session I could already see an improvement in Rosie’s behaviour and my confidence started to return. Stephen is able to explain how to counter the reaction with kind positive training. Stephen has infinite patience and if Rosie or I get it wrong, he just breaks the training down into even smaller segments of learning until we can put it all together.
Rosie and I still have a long way to go, but now I have the tools and have been shown the skills I know we will get there eventually.
If your dog has a behavioural problem, I can highly recommend Stephen King, to whom I am so grateful for his practical advice and expert tuition.
Maggie Woods 18th April 2012

Sue O’Regan, owner of Bella

Bella was a rescued dog from Battersea Dogs Home and was very aggressive towards other dogs. I couldn’t let her off the lead and she used to nearly pull me over when I was walking her.

I had some one to one training with Steve King which involved clicker training and introducing Bella to other dogs (Steve’s dogs which were very patient and understanding)! With the aid of plenty of chicken and the clicker Bella learnt to behave herself with other dogs and to come back when called and to walk nicely on the lead. After the one to one training we also did another training course with other dogs and the class was small so we could all take our turn in practising recall and letting the dogs socialise so this gave me confidence and made me feel comfortable in letting her off the lead when I was in the park with her.

We have had Bella for nearly three years now and we couldn’t actually imagine life without her. I always let her off the lead in the park and she is not aggressive with other dogs she actually looks round the park for other dogs to run around with. I always have my clicker/whistle with me the whistle is particulary handy for recall especially if there are squirrels about!

Bella always goes to Four Paws Hotel for her holidays and I never worry about her because I know she is being very well looked after in the Kennels and because she did her training there she is familar with her surroundings.

I would thoroughly recommend Steve and his training methods as it definitely worked for me and Bella.

Sue O’Regan

Nav & Natalie Atwal, owners of Mirabella

We would like to thank Stephen for the brilliant work he has done with our dog. She has developed from a small naughty puppy to an intelligent obedient dog, and her progress is prominent. We are delighted with the classes, and Mira always enjoys showing her skills and what she has learned. The ‘help sheets’, which is a dog’s weekly homework, is great for practicing and improving the dog’s behaviour, and helps to keep up with studies every day. Overall, Stephen has got a great in-depth knowledge and understanding of dog’s behaviour and habits, and he points out the right way of correcting it. Amazing results within such a short period of time, and we can’t be thankful enough!

Dot Creighton, DipAVN (Surg) at the BVNA

Expert on clicker training, Stephen G. King, freely shared his knowledge with delegates at this years BVNA Congress in new ‘Meet The Specialist’ sesslons. Here, Dot Creighton, DipAVN (Surg), give her impression of the sessions:

“The clicker training session, presented by Stephen King, was also popular. Stephen is the owner of Crosskeys, a mail order company which specialises in behaviour titles, among other topics, and author of several training videos and books (including ‘Ready, Steady. . . Click!’). The ‘clicker’ is a handheld device which emits a single click.
Stephen’s seven years of clicker training experience with domestic and zoo animals were put to good use as he demonstrated clicker techniques with his short-legged assistant, Paddy the cocker spaniel. He showed delegates how first to familiarise the animal with the clicker by repeated ‘clicking and treating’. Then he progressed to ‘high density reinforcement’ training, where the animal is taught a required behaviour in a short space of time. He also demonstrated how to use a clicker (rather than the trainer’s voice) to let the dog know exactly when it was performing the desired behaviour correctly. This is termed ‘marking’ the correct behaviour.
Stephen also explained the importance of collecting data, and plotting the animal’s correct responses daily on a graph after each training session. This provides a method of monitoring the animal’s progress. A decline or flat trend in such a graph would indicate that the trainer needed to reassess his or her training method.”

Beverley Sargeson, UK

“Thanks, it arrived yesterday morning, Clicker Train Your Dog video. Much enjoyed, particularly the targetting bit as I’m currently training a very tiny 12 week old Yorkie and it’s a long way to lean down LOL! I normally teach close attention heelwork by teaching touch the hand but obviously in this case I’m having to use a target stick instead! I have sit, stand and almost down in place and she can manage three steps to heel so far”.

Joanne & Paul Causer

“We received the clicker cue cards this morning from you as a result in entering the Dog World Give-away Competition
Thank you very much. We are already seeing the benefits and both the dogs have responded well. We are especially pleased with the 12month old boy who we have been having problems with. We havent had him long and he came to us with some very bad habits some we are getting on top of others are taking awhile yet he has responded well to this clicker idea.
So Thank you
Regards Joanne & Paul Causer


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