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Michelle Holden

“Dear Stephen,
I am writing to let you know how beneficial your training sessions have been for both me and Spike (my puppy German Shepherd Dog), who is now 9 months old. I have found your method of clicker training to be both kind and rewarding. After just three courses the amount we have achieved is remarkable, and I am looking forward to course four! The fact that you do not use choke chains or any kind of force to achieve results is exactly what I was looking for in my dog training lessons and is great.
I would not hesitate to recommend your classes and always find both you and Josie helpful and interested in how me and Spike are getting along.
Yours Sincerely
Michelle Holden”

Mandy Hains

“Dear Steve,
I have booked my place on your next dog-training course. As you know, I have already done several courses at Crosskeys. I find it very helpful in training Patch. He has made more progress with every course I have been on with him. These days people are often impressed with how well trained my dog is! I had Patch some time before I started taking him to training classes, although I had been advised that he would benefit from being trained to a high standard. I was a bit wary of training classes after my experience of them with my first dog, Sam.
I felt that the methods I was expected to use with Sam, involving the use of choke chains were cruel as well as ineffective. I made better progress with him when I stopped taking him to classes and trained him myself.
Your training classes are a complete contrast to my previous experience. I saw your advert in the Yellow Pages, which said, “Pet dog training made fun” , and that you use modern reward methods. I telephoned and asked if you used choke chains and was told that you do NOT allow them in your classes. I had made other enquires about classes for Patch, but the others would have expected me to use a choke chain. As I was not prepared to use one, I did not take him to classes until I found out about yours.
I have found that training Patch using your clicker training method is both enjoyable and effective. Patch seems to enjoy the classes, and I think his life is more interesting now training gives him something to think about. I now have a much better behaved dog, without ever having had to use training methods that I consider cruel. It shows that with dogs, as with humans, rewards are far more effective than punishments. I look forward to the next training class!
Yours Sincerely
Mandy Hains”

Lucy Smith

“Just had to drop you a line and say thank you for the advice in your video. You have saved my life. I moved to Spain 3 months ago with my five year old spaniel/collie, a rescue dog, who is called Bramble. She is beautifully behaved after extensive obedience training in Scotland. Since moving to Spain I have since rescued another dog called Bunty, the mother was a boxer cross, the father ? anybody’s guess. I got Bunty at eight weeks old, she and her five brothers and sisters were going to be put down.So after a few weeks of hell I met a woman in the internet cafe who told me about clicker training. She very kindly gave me her video to watch. It’s wonderful.
I have been using the clicker for three days now and can’t believe the difference in Bunty. She touches the touch stick with four touches before getting her treat. She now moves to touch the touch stick. Amazing. I noticed at the end of the video that you have a booklet on training tips, I would very much like a copy.If you could e-mail me with the information I would be most grateful. Also could you let me know your web address as I may order some books on-line.
Yours With Much Gratitude, Lucy Smith”

Ruth Du-Lieu & Rosie

Dear Dogs Today ,
Rosie my 5 month old chocolate Labrador, and I have just completed a Clicker Training course and we just had to write and tell everyone what a brilliant time we had.
I’ve had a puppy and a rescue dog in the past but never bothered to train them properly – thinking it was just too much like hard work. When Rosie came along I had been dog-less for months and wasn’t certain I would ever be able to have another canine friend. My circumstances changed quite suddenly when I was allowed to start teleworking and so I decided this time was the ideal time to get that choco Labrador I had yearned for. I decided I must learn how to care for her properly and get expert advice.
I enrolled on a five week introduction for puppies course at Crosskeys in Romford. The tutor Stephen G King was just the most knowledgeable and friendly person. He obviously loves dogs and made the whole art of clicker training so easy, Rosie and I were clicking away from the start. There were only about seven of us (14 if you count the dogs) on the hour long training – so we all got lots of individual tuition and attention. Added to this Stephen’s free advice on diet, dog care and dogs in general – it was a totally worthwhile experience.
I can’t tell you what a difference learning Clicker training has meant to us. Rosie’s face lights up when we practice – you can actually see her thinking. The course has finished now but along with my fellow students we are enrolling on a Clicker Agility course starting at Crosskeys in May.I now have three clickers and pockets permanently filled with bits of sausage! I also have one of the best behaved puppies in the park. I would wholly recommend you get involved with clicker training – give it a go and see the results.

Ruth Du-Lieu & Rosie”


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