Clickers and More

Finger  Clicker

Finger Clicker with adjustable chain finger loop
An adjustable small bead chain loops round your finger, keeping it securely in place while you work or compete with your dog. Multiple uses in Agility, the Showring, Service dog training and more

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Easyclick Clicker

This is the ultimate in clickers with a revolutionary design. Lets you click every time with less effort — and with gloves on. No need to fumble for that little opening and then finding that it is the wrong end!

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Translucent Clickers

Five packs of colourful printed translucent clickers.

Generous discounts are available for larger quantities – ideal for trainers

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CLIX WhizzClick

Whizzclick - combination clicker and whistle
Whizzclick, bringing together  the  Clicker for reward training and whistle for distance control.

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Clix Pro-Train

High quality pouch designed with the professional trainer in mind

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Canac Gentle Leader

Kind harness for dogs who tend to pull on the lead, restrains without any undue pressure.

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Clicker Cue Cards

Laminated cards covering the BIG SIX misbehaviours for dogs of all ages – such as “selective deafness”, pulling on the lead, etc.

A kind and effective training programme the whole family can use.

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Ready, Steady Click

Ready, Steady, Click is an easy to read explanation of all the principles of Clicker Training.

Add the Workbook and you have a great combination of techniques and detailed record keeping of your progress

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