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Step-by-step in Pictures
By Peggy Tillman
(Paperback, 209 pages)


CLIX Whizzclick: Comes with a FREE training guide!

This unique training aid combines two of the most popular dog training tools, a clicker and a whistle. Using a clicker is a fun way to reward train your dog, whilst the whistle allows you to control your dog at a distance. The whistle is used as a cue or command and the clicker to mark and reward the behaviour. The step-by-step training guide will show you how to get started and teach useful commands such as a distance sit and a reliable recall!

The CLIX Whizzclick is the new version of the Whizzclick produced for the Company of Animals.

The Company Of Animals have been given a Licence to sell the Whizzclick in the UK and Europe. For trade enquires in other countries please telephone 0044 208 590 3604

A creative design bringing a concept to clicker training – the whistle and clicker combination can only enhance the future of kind, effective and positive reward training.

Researched and designed by Stephen G King, the UK’s specialist in dog Behaviour.

Its ergonomic shape is comfortable to hold in your hand and the raised button on the clicker makes it easy to find and press.

The combination whistle and clicker with the “Easyclick” technology (NEVER MISS A CLICK) gives you the best of both worlds

Lets you click every time with less effort — and with gloves on. No need to fumble for that little opening and then finding that it is the wrong end! The button has been engineered so that only a small amount of pressure is required to make a double clicking sound.

In addition, the clicking element inside the WhizzClick  is made of stainless steel and will not rust.

The whistle can be used as a cue or command and the clicker to mark the behaviour. Coming when called is perhaps one of the most important exercises that dogs need to learn, as it is not only useful but also essential for his/her safety.

Using a whistle instead of your voice gives us a tool that makes a unique sound that really works when out of sight, at distance, heavy cover or if the dog is close in windy conditions, which can make it difficult or impossible for the dog to hear verbal commands.

This is the ultimate combination clicker and whistle together with a revolutionary design.

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