Agility Right from the Start

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Agility Right From the Start is the first training resource you should have and the last one you’ll need.

Publisher: Sunshine Books

Edition: 2010 Paperback, 440 pages

ISBN: 9781890948412

Canine agility is the largest and fastest-growing dog sport in the country. It’s fun for both you and your dog, whether you’re tackling obstacles in your backyard or competing at international trials. Authors Eva Bertilisson and Emelie Johnson Vegh now bring to the US and Canada the powerful modern training system that made them leading agility teachers throughout Norway and Sweden.

What you can expect

  • Qualifying sooner
  • Seconds shaved off of your course times
  • Less frustration and more success
  • True partnership with your dog, on the course and off

Progress made easy

  • Clean, logical layout
  • Step-by-step instructions for all training exercises from basic to advanced
  • Startling detail with 600+ instructive photographs

Unique system for success

  • Expert handling skills integrated into your training from the start
  • Innovative reward systems speed the learning
  • Preparation so powerful you’ll feel ready the first time you step on the course

“Talk about a training bible – this book has it all. Bertilisson and Vegh cover all of the handling and obstacle skills, making exercises seem totally simple. Plus, readers will learn to become awesome handlers. The authors’ purely positive approach and sense of fun would get anybody excited to learn agility! I will never start a puppy again without referring to this book.”

Leslie McDevitt MLA CPDT CDBC


“From the start you understand your job and your dog’s job and learn how to communicate clearly with your teammate. Eva and Emelie never leave you hanging; you always know what the next step in training is.”

Marty Becker, DVM (Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show)



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