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Clicker Training -Your Recipe For Success!

The Complete Workout for You and Your Dog by Stephen G King

  • Ready Steady Click!
  • Ready Steady Click! Workbook
  • Clicker Cue Cards and
  • Clicker Train Your Dog DVD

For a successful training program you need all the ingredients and then you need to put them in the right order or what do you get? A mess! This rule also applies to your learning, so we recommend reading and applying this information in this order:

  1. DVD
  2. Clicker Cue Cards
  3. Ready Steady Click! and lastly
  4. Ready Steady Click! Workbook

Clicker Cue Cards

Clicker Cue Cards are a unique, and effective way of training our companion dogs in ten easy steps. Each Clicker Cue Card targets a particular misbehaviour and defines each step to solve the problem behaviour all written in “Plain English”, and not only will you end up with a well behaved dog, but will have strengthened the bond between you and your canine companion.

  • Clicker Cue Cards target the misbehaviour rather than teach JUST basic obedience.
  • They cover the BIG SIX misbehaviours
  • Selective deafness, (only hearing what they want to hear.)
  • Pulling on the lead, (When THEY seem to be taking you for a walk)
  • Jumping up, (fun for a while until they nearly knock you over!)
  • Chewing/destructive behaviour, (Learning what they can chew and less is better)
  • House soiling, (Not at all funny)
  • Play biting. (Fun at first-not so funny when they get bigger)

Clicker Cue Cards are for dogs from six weeks to 16 years, and all breeds of dogs Clicker Train Your Dog DVD Running Time 55 Minutes.

Tired of control that stops when your dog is let of the lead? ? Then Clicker Training is for you! Animal Trainer and Behaviourist, Stephen G King, takes you through the best methods, step by step in this very practical DVD guide. Use clicker training and watch your dog’s behaviour change from stubborn to enthusiastic and interested.

Ready Steady Click!

How Dogs Learn, includes shaping and target training. Teach precision and reliability in your dog through shaping and positive reinforcement. Whether you are a pet dog owner or are involved in Obedience, Agility, Working Trials or Show Dog training, this book will give you a great insight on how dogs learn and how to train your dog without force or compulsion. If you want a dog you can be proud of, then this book will show you how, even if you have never trained a dog before!

Ready Steady Click! Workbook

The long awaited workbook for the best selling author Stephen G. King. The workbook has been designed to fully integrate the theory with practical applications. Or to put it simply, “Put into practice what you have learnt in theory”. Learn to use operant conditioning successfully as you work through the important concepts.

A precision training journal has been included to record each training session. It’s an invaluable aid to training progress.

“Here is another excellent and useful publication from Crosskeys and Stephen King. King is a pioneer in putting forth the practice of clicker training and the scientific principles that underlie it.”

Karen Pryor USA

“Ready, Steady, Click! By Stephen G. King is an excellent introduction to dog training based on positive reinforcement. The author clearly and concisely describes the science that underlies learning in all species, and applies it well to the training of pet dogs. The twenty Training Tips for Success at the end of the book are great guidelines for all trainers.”

Deborah Jones, Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Psychology, Kent State University Stark Campus



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